Liquid Nitrogen Container

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

The ideal tank for straight cryogenic liquid dispensing
Sizes from 15 liters to 500 liters, custom sizes up to 5000 liters
Convenient fill/withdrawal valve
Prevents overfilling with complete tri-cock configuration vent valve
Safety features include pressure gauge & relief devices
Simple-to-read differential pressure-type liquid level gauge
Easy mobility with sturdy casters and convenient handles
Self-pressurizing option for Liquid Nitrogen Container
Adjustable regulator to maintain 10 – 25 PSI on Cryogenic Dewars
Customizable to fit your specific Liquid Nitrogen Container

Liquid Nitrogen Container

Standard liquid nitrogen container sizes range from a small 20 liters to a sizeable horizontal tank with 425 liters. A liquid nitrogen tank is a cryogenic storage container that can be used for preserving and storing semen for an extended period.

This liquid nitrogen container is a good-quality liquid nitrogen tank for laboratory and professional use. It is lightweight, made of aerial-level aluminum alloy, and portable with extended storage time. A wide range of capacities makes it widely used in scientific research, animal husbandry, mechanical processing, etc.

Liquid Nitrogen Container: These portable dewars work equally well with liquified gas, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, and liquid nitrogen for low-pressure transport & storage. Liquid nitrogen is a colorless liquid with an ultra-low boiling point of −320.4 °F that results in freezing anything the substance touches. Liquid nitrogen is the liquid state of the element nitrogen. Like nitrogen gas, it comprises nitrogen atoms sharing covalent bonds. In literature, liquid nitrogen is often referred to by the abbreviation LN2 LIN or LN.

It is transfer vessels that are designed specifically for containing and transporting liquid nitrogen, i.e., they provide carrying handles, pressure relief valves, and venting lids.
These liquid nitrogen Dewars can fulfill many different applications. These are simple, efficient liquid nitrogen dewar that can also be used for liquid oxygen or argon.

Model NO.




Static Evaporation Rate (L/day)




TypeTank ContainerStatic Holding Time (day)




Storage ObjectsLiquidTransport Package




LN2 Capacity (L)50Specification




Weight Empty (kg)17.2Trademark


Neck Opening (mm)








Outer Diameter (mm)




HS Code




Overall Height (mm)




Production Capacity





liquid nitrogen container,liquid nitrogen dewars

What are cryogenic dewars?

Cryogenic dewar, dewar tanks, or container vessels are designed to store cryogenics (substances with lower boiling points than most).
To achieve this feat, dewar flasks contain an air gap between their outer walls and the liquid stored within, which acts as an insulator for optimal storage conditions.
Cryogenic dewars come in various forms, from household thermoses with two walls separated by a space (such as thermoses used for hot and cold beverages) to complex models designed for specific uses (such as LN2 dewars).
Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

High-Strength Material
The dewar tank is made of aviation aluminum, which has the characteristics of high hardness rustproofness, and can withstand low temperatures.

Well Insulated Dewar
The compound heat insulation of the inner liquid nitrogen tank makes the storage more durable, with fewer welding seams and no vacuum leakage.

Long-Term Preservation
The silicone vacuum nozzle seals the vacuum environment, making this liquid nitrogen tank an ideal low-temperature storage device.

Detail Design
The lockable lid reduces liquid nitrogen evaporation; the enhanced handle is easy to move, and the inside of the bottle stopper is made of PU.

Full Accessories Included
It comes with six canisters, 4 with holes at the bottom, and two sealed canisters. With a bag, this liquid nitrogen tank is portable to carry.

Wide Usage
This nitrogen tank can transport biological samples and refrigeration materials and is also used in the cryogenic processing of metallic materials precision parts.

welded Insulated cryogenic liquid container dewar cylinder

The liquid nitrogen Dewars is a non-pressurized vessel specifically designed and made of materials that can withstand the extreme temperatures associated with liquid nitrogen.
Liquid nitrogen is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and nonirritating; therefore, it has no warning properties and must be carefully handled.

Determine what size dewar you need. You will need a sturdy metal container called a dewar to purchase liquid nitrogen. Dewars are the safest way to transport liquid nitrogen because they are specially designed to insulate gases (which keeps the LN2 cool) and relieve pressure (which will prevent bursting).